The Economics of Illusion: Addendum

When I prepared my original blog on this topic, I did not have a copy of the economic impact report prepared by Shore-Tanner & Associates for the Salvation Army. I have since obtained a copy of the report. The following summarizes my main comments. Continue reading


The Economics of Illusion: The Salvation Army’s Proposed Social Services Complex in Vanier

The Salvation Army recently hired Shore-Tanner and Associates to study the potential economic impacts of a $53 million social services complex/community hub on Vanier (see Ottawa Citizen article). The complex will provide 350 beds including 140 for an emergency shelter, an upgraded Thrift Shop, and space for the provision of a wide range of social services. According to the Ottawa Citizen article, the Shore-Tanner report predicts “there would be 137 new full-time jobs in agriculture, professional services, trades, utilities and property maintenance that would be open to Vanier residents. Another 275 full-time jobs could be created in other related areas and there would be demand for a new 7,000-square-foot retail and service space near the Salvation Army complex.” Continue reading