In Search of Balanced Job and Population Growth in Orleans

As I mentioned in an Orleans Community Improvement Plan, there has been a long-standing issue that Orleans has experienced limited employment growth compared to the rest of the City or other suburbs like Kanata which in turn has limited the opportunities for residents to live and work in the community. As a result, Orleans residents face commuting traffic gridlock every morning and evening. This employment/population imbalance is frequently raised in virtually every recent election held in the community – federal, provincial or municipal. Continue reading


Trying to Make Sense out of Planning Sense: The Proposed Salvation Army Social Services Complex in Vanier

The proposed Salvation Army project is, without doubt, the most controversial active planning file at the City today. The Planning and Growth Management Department recently published a draft planning report recommending that City Council approve the Official Plan and Zoning Amendments application to allow the project to be built on Montreal Road in Vanier. The draft report has generated considerable opposition from the community as well as other interested individuals and organizations. The concerns and issues raised against the project have been extensively covered in the local media and in online social networks and I will only summarize the key ones below: Continue reading

Getting Around La Paz Bolivia

I have long had an interest in regional development in South America starting back when I was a graduate student at McMaster University’s Geography Department many years ago. My interest was founded in publications on economic theory and regional disparities by authors like Gunnar Myrdal, Albert Hirschman and John Friedman. Continue reading